How to Store Latex Clothing

How to Store Latex Clothing

Storing Latex Clothing Properly

Whether you are brand new to the world of rubber or you have been wearing latex clothing regularly for years, it is critical to know how to store latex. Your wardrobe is an investment, so knowing how to preserve latex properly is a worthy use of your time.

Cleaning and Drying Latex

To start, only store rubber clothing after it has been cleaned and fully dried. Drying fully is critical because even small amounts of moisture can lead to mildew stains. It is not easy to fully remove mildew from latex so try to avoid this situation. Dry your latex catsuit or latex dress with a clean, microfiber towel on both inside and outside surfaces.

Lubricating Latex Material

Your next step is to lubricate your rubber. You want to avoid your latex clothing sticking to itself during storage, and that can be done by using a silicone latex polish like Polysh Latex Shiner. Apply a light coating of latex shine spray to both sides of your latex pants or dress or catsuit and then "mush" it in with your hands to evenly spread.

Storing Latex Clothing Properly

Finally, you will have to store latex clothing in a safe place. Some prefer to hang their clothing and others like to keep it in plastic bags. No matter which way you go, there are some basic rules to follow:

  • Never let latex touch metal. Metal stains on latex can be impossible to remove. If hanging in a closet, always hang a latex catsuit or other clothing on plastic hangers. If your latex item has metal findings or fixtures, wrap them in tissue paper before storing.
  • If storing in a bag, the bag should be free of any colored logos. The color can transfer onto your rubber.
  • Store latex clothing in a dark, cool area and always away from sunlight. Warm, humid areas will promote growth of mold and mildew. And any UV exposure will stain latex over time.
  • Separate your light-colored latex away from other colors. White latex is particularly susceptible to staining. Even if you follow all of these rules, you may still find that white latex can start to yellow over the years. 

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