Getting Into a Neck Entry Latex Catsuit

How to Wear a Neck Entry Latex Catsuit

Getting into latex neck entry catsuits can be a challenging task, especially if you're new to wearing this type of garment. However, with a few tips and the right technique, you can easily put on a latex bodysuit or catsuit without damaging it or hurting yourself. In this article, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of getting into a latex catsuit without zippers.

How much can latex stretch

First, you should know that latex does stretch - enough for that neck hole to get over your entire body and more! So work that latex onto your body without fear.

Step 1: Prepare your Body

Before putting on any latex clothes, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Take a shower or wash the areas that will be covered by the catsuit at minimum. Avoid using moisturizer, lotion, or any oily substance on your skin, as it can cause the latex to get damaged and make it harder to put on the suit. In particular, make sure to avoid self-tanner if you are planning on wearing latex as that can transfer to this sensitive material.

Additionally, double check that you are not wearing any rings, earrings, necklaces, or anything else that could snag your rubber catsuit. A simple snag can be the end of your shiny dreams, at least in the near term.

Step 2: Get Slippery

Once your skin is clean and dry, apply a thin layer of Polysh Dressing Aid to your body, going a little heavier on areas that are dry or have body hair. Using silicone lubricant like this dressing aid will make it easier to slide your body into the suit and reduce friction, preventing the latex from tearing.

Step 3: Preparing the Catsuit

Turn the catsuit inside-out and place it on a clean. absorbent surface (I prefer a towel). Apply a generous amount of Polysh Dressing Aid to the inside surface of the catsuit and then spread it around with your hands. If this is your first time wearing a neck-entry latex catsuit, this is not the time to be thrifty. Go heavy with this latex lube for now and you can always scale back for future wears.

Once the dressing aid has been spread around, flip the catsuit right side out again and “mush” it with your hands. This ensures that the inside surface is completely and evenly coated. 

Step 4: The Lower Half

Sitting on a chair or bed, with your legs extended in front of you, slide your legs through neck opening and down into the ankle openings of the suit. Using the flats of your hands, adjust the latex onto your lower legs up to your knees. Make sure there are no bunches. Next, pull the catsuit up again so that it slides over your hips and squeezes around the waist. Adjust again. If the latex starts bunching, use the flats of your hands to work it out. In desperate situations, you can stick your hand down into the catsuit and very gently work out the bunches. 

Step 5: The Upper Half

The upper half can be tricky and this is where it pays to have a little extra lubricant on your shoulders and elbows. Slide one arm into the neck hole and through the wrist hole. Pull up to your elbow and adjust, then up to your shoulder. Slither your second arm into the neck hole and pull up just as you did with the first arm. Sometimes it helps here to have a friend get your catsuit on your shoulder, but it isn’t necessary. 

Step 6: Little Adjustments

Even though you adjusted as you went, it’s not a guarantee that you won’t have some wrinkles. Remember - use the flats of your hands, never your fingers or nails. Areas that I have had trouble with are the elbows and the back of the knees. Ensuring that your catsuit is sitting on the right spots of your body is the primary way to avoid these wrinkles, but one or two are unavoidable.

Step 7: Shine!

Once you feel comfortable in your catsuit (you have my permission to dance around a bit), it’s time to make your latex shine! Apply Polysh Latex Shiner all over your latex catsuit and touch up any harsh lines with a lint free cloth.

I hope that I have helped you answer how to wear a latex catsuit when you don't have the help of zippers. If this is your first time wearing latex, make sure to follow me on TikTok (@polyshlatexcare) for some more video tutorials!

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