Getting Into Latex - For the First Time Latex Wearer!

Getting Into Latex - For the First Time Latex Wearer!

New to Latex? No Worries! 

If this is your first time wearing latex, you have already learned so much about where to buy latex clothing, how to measure yourself, and you've probably learned how long it takes to receive your custom latex clothing (forever, right?).

Now that all that rubbery goodness is in your hands, you've realized - crap! I don't even know how to get into latex! Let me walk you through it.


Take a long, deep breath. There is no reason to be alarmed. Getting dressed in latex isn't a task, it may be the best part of the night! So take your time, take a break if you feel like it and enjoy the experience. 

Acquire Dressing Aid

Use a latex dressing aid like Polysh Latex Dressing Aid. We recommend an 100% silicone lube for latex because it reduces friction between the rubber and body the best. The less you have to pull, tug and pinch, the less likely you are to damage the latex.

Lubricate Latex Clothing Appropriately

Coat the interior surface of the latex dress or catsuit or leggings with the latex lubricant. Once it's applied, turn the item right-side-out and "mush" it so that all the little corners and crevices get covered in lube.

Lubricate Body Appropriately

Apply a little latex clothing lube to your elbows, knees, shoulders, any dry or hairy parts of your body, and anywhere else where you want the latex to really glide.

Dress in Latex

Time to put on your latex clothes! If you are putting on a latex bodysuit or catsuit, you will want to slide the legs up to the knee and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, slide up to the waist, adjust again. Keep doing this in small sections and never let any section get too bunched up. The bunched up latex can be hard to smooth out so it's easier to not create them in the first place.  If you have a neck entry catsuit, you might be thinking "is this even possible? How much can latex stretch?" The answer is - a LOT! If you do it right and take your time, a neck entry is no sweat (well... maybe a little sweat!)

Zip Up

If you have a zipper and can't reach it, use a shoe string or a lanyard to attach to the zipper tag.

Congratulations! You're dressed in latex! Make sure that you follow up with Polysh Latex Shiner for the perfect shiny catsuit.

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