How to Shine Latex - Affordably!

How to Shine Latex - Affordably!

Shining latex clothing for less

For the first time latex wearer or the rubber veteran, many wonder how to shine latex cheaply. While you may buy a latex catsuit once, keeping a catsuit shiny requires the purchase of latex polish over and over. It would be in your best interest to stretch your dollar by buying the right products and using the minimum required polish per wear. This guide will walk you through how to shine latex on the cheap.

Choosing the right latex shine product

To get a perfect shine, you need to use a silicone product that was specifically created for latex care. While using a personal lubricant may be safe, it is thicker and stickier than a rubber shiner and prevents it from covering as much surface area. You will have to use more by volume which get expensive over time. When searching for how to shine a rubber outfit, we often see the question "is it better to use BeGloss vs Vivishine?". While these are both fine products, Polysh Latex Shiner is always going to be less expensive ounce-for-ounce with comparable quality and shine!

Shining with the "water method"

Once you have your Polysh Shiner, let's talk about how to shine a rubber outfit with the least amount of products possible. Use what we call the "water method" - that is, adding a tablespoon or more of shiner to a sinkful of water, plunging your catsuit into the water, giving it a few swishes and pulling it back out. You will find yourself with a shiny catsuit and plenty of shiner left over for a ton more wears. Once you're dressed, put a spray nozzle on your bottle of Polysh and apply the latex shiner spray on any areas where the rubber has dulled while dressing. 

For some visuals on how to shine latex clothing, check out of TikTok account @polyshlatexcare . 

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