How to Care for Latex Clothing

Knowing proper latex care is best way to preserve your latex clothing and wear it for many years to come. The following videos will show you how to care for latex clothing and get your best latex shine possible!


Shining Latex in Water

If you want to know how to shine latex clothing, this is a great place to start. This video shows you how to polish latex using the "water method". Using this method is a great way to get a base layer of shine without using much latex polish product. Following this, you will have to dry your latex clothing material with a lint free cloth or microfiber towel. You can then proceed to get dressed.


Using Dressing Aid 

If you are wondering how to get into latex, watch this next video. Although some people use talcum powder for latex, Polysh Dressing Aid is a better alternative. Powder has a way with getting into the seams of your rubber clothing, creating a white "outline" that takes away from a clean shiny appearance. Dressing aid is also the preferred medium to put on a latex neck entry catsuit. These types of outfits require maximum glide which can only be provided by a silicone lube like Polysh.


Shining Latex after Dressing

Once you are dressed, it's time to get your polish perfect! You have already learned how to polish latex using the water method. You will use the same rubber shiner again, but this time with a spray head nozzle. With the latex shiner spray and your hands, work the latex polish over the entire surface. Then go back in with a microfiber towel or lint free cloth to touch up any harsh lines.